Signed Books

I am happy to sign books at any time, but unfortunately, the shipping costs from Australia are quite high. Prices will be whatever it costs me – usually about US$9.50 to purchase and ship from Amazon to Melbourne, plus shipping to wherever you live.

Just shoot me an e-mail through the contact page and we can sort it out. Payment is best through Paypal. Click on the link below to check out postage prices to your destination. One book weighs around 340 grams.

One thought on “Signed Books

  1. Hi Owen first off I love the books!! I was wanting to get info on a set of signed books from the undead series you have so far. I live in United states in Birmingham Alabama. My son would freak if he could get his hands on signed real copies of your books. Thanks in advance if I could get a price and a way to pay that mean the world to him.


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