Breakdown Release

Finally, after what seems like forever, there is a new Invasion of the Dead book available. Breakdown returns to the early days on the virus and follows a new group of characters.

Here is the blurb and the link:

Tasmania, Australia… a place of immense natural beauty, home to some of the world’s harshest terrain, soon to be overrun with mankind’s most terrifying creation.

We return to the early days in the Invasion world, as hazy news reports detail the virus sweeping through the world’s major cities. Few survive, and many perish, or worse, return in a state of ravenous insanity known to the survivors as the Infected.

In a small town outside Devonport, former Australian Commando Shane “Mac” McNamara, now a dedicated family man, joins up with the last remnants of his commando team to battle more than he anticipated as he fights to keep his family alive.

From an ER nurse, to a school principal, ordinary people must band together and discover unknown strength and resilience, to do extraordinary things, if there is any hope of ever making the island state, the last refuge of the fallen. In a post-apocalyptic world though, not everyone can survive… 

Breakdown at

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